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FVWM - Authors

Here you can see pictures of some FVWM authors

Julio Josť Teca Nemesio

ChangeWindowTitle and ChangeWindowTitleFromArg FvwmScript instructions. ChangeWindowTitle FvwmScript command.

Simon Griph

SVG image loader. ARGB/animated mouse cursor loading.

Thomas Adam

Window style !StickyStippledTitle (and hence StickyStippledTitle). Icon style StippledIconTitle and !StickyStippledIconTitle. StartShaded style option.

Serge (gentoosiast) Koksharov

Documentation fixes, bug fixes.

Arwed von Merkatz

UnderMousePlacement style.

David Maciver

Menu styles TitleColorset, HilightTitle and TitleFont.

Renato Caldas

Some cleanups. Module linked list mechanism.

Malcolm Still

New MenuStyle option TrianglesUseFore.

Evgeny Stambulchik

Patch to improve look of "BorderStyle TiledPixmap" windows.

Jonathan Kotta

FixedPosition condition.

Viktor Griph

Patch for Perl modules on 64 bit machines. EdgeHasPointer and EdgeIsActive test conditions. Nested variable expansion. MouseWheel and ScrollOffPage menu style options. Simple placement mouse bindings and PlacedByButton window condition. Use of fvwmstyle resource. Warnings for unconsumed arguments to style options. Bug fixes. Advance Menu context bindings.

Bjoern Steinbrink

Patch for FvwmScript tasks running too often.

Arnaud Vrac

Patch which fixes maximize by growing vs EWMH working area

Rafal Bisingier

WindowLayer and Layers options to the Maximize command. EdgeLeaveCommand

George Potapov

ShowOnlyFocused option for FvwmIconMan. PressButton command in FvwmButtons

Jim C. Brown

MailDir option in FvwmTaskBar.

Norman Yarvin

Extend conditionals to handle multiple window names.

Funda Wang

Chinese translations.

Anton Kazennikov

Menu navigation patch.

Johan Svedberg

Swedish translations.

Andrei Mitrofanow

German translations. Debian package creation procedure.

David Lazar

Use font for selected buttons in Start button.

Scott Smedley

Wrote FvwmTabs module. Improved Perl module support. FakeKeyPress command. Window-specific key/mouse bindings. FvwmButtons: ActiveIcon, ActiveTitle, ActiveColorset, PressIcon, PressTitle & PressColorset options. FvwmWindowMenu: rewrote to use WindowList tracker. Version test condition. Added "Periodic" option to Schedule command. Converted manpage into XML source to generate HTML documentation & (auto-generated) manpage.

Francis Litterio

Fixed building FvwmScript under cygwin. Added CenterPlacement style.

David Fries

Fixed the GNOME1 patch. WindowList class name sorting.

Nadim Shaikli

Added joining and shaping in bi-directional languages that need this; Arabic translations.

Richard Lister

New module FvwmWindowMenu.

Marcus Lundblad

Vector button offsets patch. New styles restricting window operations (Close,Maximize,Iconify). Implemented support for combining charaters.

Jason Weber

FvwmProxy module.

Cameron Simpson

Documentation fixes.

Ben Winslow

Fixed a core dump.

Ben Mathews

Modified FvwmTaskBar to allow shortcut buttons in the taskbar

David Fries

WindowList option SortClassName.

Anders Andersson

Spelling fixes in all man pages.

Steve Talley

Style option IconSize.

Maxim F. Ischenko

Original patch for MaxLabelWidth option in WindowList command.

Jan Echternach

TMPDIR security patch.

Stian Sletner

WindowList option IconifiedAtEnd.

Derek B. Noonburg

Weighted sorting in FvwmIconMan.

Jochen Klenner

WindowList option CurrentAtEnd.

Uwe Pross


Dave Trollope

Memory management clean up patches.

Daniel Henninger

Timeout feature in FvwmForm.

Suzanne Skinner

Multi-pixmap titlebars patch.

Lorenz Minder

Patches for fvwm-setup95 and safestrdup.

Johannes Zellner

StrokeWidth option for StrokeFunc.

Darren Stuart Embry

ActiveColorset uses colour set supplied hilight and shadow colours.

Neil Bird

Add $c, $r, $n variables for Functions. Add Next/Prev conditions to WindowId and WindowList. Attempted fix of OLDecor hints use for decorations. Add DestroyStyle command.

Alan F. Ho

fvwm-logo-colorful.xpm, a prototype of a current default FvwmBanner logo.

Olivier Chapuis

Rewrote fonts loading and text rendering with locale, Xft, rotation, encoding and shadow support. Rewrote image loading and added PNG support with alpha blending. Added XRender support with full emulation if not present. Added XShm support for faster XImage manipulation. Added EWMH support (with a lot of new styles and commands) for KDE and GNOME. Added Gettext support and (LocalePath command and $[gt.str] variable). Some French translation. Rewrote the color limit code and added dithering for screen with a depth < 24. Colorset support in BorderStyle, TitleStyle and ButtonsStyle and MultiPixmap. Solid option of MultiPixmap. Merge MultiPixmap code and regular title bar drawing code. AdjustedPixmap, StretchedPixmap and ShrunkPixmap options for the decorations commands. MinHeight option to TitleStyle. UseTitleDecorRotation Style. Colorset Improvement: lot of works with the Transparent option, new options RootTransparent, Tint, fgTint, bgTint, Alpha, fgAlpha, Dither, NoDither, IconTint, IconAlpha, fgsh. Bitmap support in Colorset. BorderColorset, HilightBorderColorset, IconBackgroundColorset, IconTitleColorset, HilightIconTitleColorset, IconTitleRelief, IconBackgroundRelief and IconBackgroundPadding Styles. MinOverlapPercentPlacement, PlacementOverlapPenalties and PlacementOverlapPercentPenalties Styles. Indexed{Window,Icon}Name Styles. Adjusted, Stretched, Shrunk option to IconSize style. layer flags to the Maximize command. DesktopName command with variables $[desk.name<n>] and dynamic update for FvwmPager. layer flags to the Maximize command. OnlySkipList, NoDeskNum, NoCurrentDeskTitle, TitleForAllDesks, NoNumInDeskTitle options to WindowList. CopyMenuStyle, BusyCursor, EscapeFunc and PrintInfo commands. StrokeFunc command and some works on the STROKE patch. PlacedByFvwm condition. libs: setSyncMask to define the messages on which a module is lock on send (not my idea); put SendFvwmPipe in the library; amelioration of SlideWindow. FvwmButtons: (No)FvwmModule Swallow option; Vastly improved redrawing with complex colorset configuration; position option for panel. FvwmBacker: RetainPixmap option. FvwmEvent: StartDelay option. FvwmIconBox: UseSkipList options; aliases support. FvwmIconMan: Full colorset support. FvwmM4/Cpp: -lock and -noread options. FvwmPager: Aliases support; some fixes. FvwmPager: Aliases support. FvwmScript: The Default configuration options; UseGettext and WindowLocaleTitle head instruction; LocaleTitle widget instruction; NoFocus and Left, Center, and Right flags option for text position; Key and ChangeLocaleTitle instructions; GetPid, Parse, SendMsgAndGet, LastString and Gettext functions; SendToModule ScriptName SendString command; rewrite some scripts examples and new script examples. FvwmScroll: p option for a percentage reduction. FvwmTaskBar: Focus, Rows, 3DFvwm, NoIconAction options, take in account the real border width for geometry computation, AutoHide amelioration; aliases support. FvwmWinList: geometries fixes; aliases support. utils: fvwm-menu-desktop script for GNOME and KDE desktop menus. fvwm-root improvement (root properties). Bugfixes!

Mikhael Goikhman

Parsing Restart command, Session*Function and StartFunction special functions, {Save|Quit}Session commands, some work on restart logic and session stuff, FormFvwmRootCursor, creating fvwm-menu-* scripts, FvwmWharf improvements, new FvwmBacker syntax, new default FvwmBanner logo, updates to envvar lib, FVWM_DATADIR/FVWM_USERDIR changes, fvwm-config script, some work on configure, module alias support in KillModule & SendToModule, many small fixes.

Matthias Clasen

Session management, layered stacking order, maximized shaded windows, FvwmGtk module, colored and xpm cursors.

Nagi Aboulenein

Original idea for 'previous page' parameter (MoveToPage and GotoPage).

Dan Espen

Common-color Color Limiting, Multiple IconBoxes, Iconification Animation, lots of improvements in FvwmForm, replacement of FvwmTalk with FvwmForm, fvwm setup form.

Tony Finch

Original patch for opaque resizing for 2.2.

Will French

$d, $x and $y macros for functions.

Julian Gilbey

Fixes in the fvwmrc_convert script.

German Gomez Garcia

Implemented new menu style definition, allowing multiple definitions and gradients and pixmaps 'ala' ButtonStyle. See doc/README.styles for more info.

Udo Grabowski

Private colormaps on subwindows.

Mike Han

Multiple menu hotkeys. Automatic menu hotkeys. Reverse-resolution for FvwmIconMan. Multiple FvwmIconMan invocations. FvwmBacker per-page hacks (only usable after lots of fixes by others). Finally killed FvwmAudio. Finished off GSFR in modules.

Albrecht Kadlec

Code & manual cleanups, enhancements, Fixes and module-library which partially made it into fvwm-2.0.42-47d. Rewrite & cleanup of FvwmAuto & FvwmAudio. Created FvwmEvent to supersede FvwmAudio (& FvwmAuto).

Andrew Morton

MoveThreshold command.

Robert Nation

The original author of fvwm.

Tomas Ogren

Animated windowshading, "adaptive maximize", various bugfixes.

Jay Painter

Gnome support (thanks, Jay!).

Chetan Patil

Patch fix MoveToPage command without arguments.

Mark Rainford

Handling of transient windows in Raise/Lower: reasonable emulation of Motif group behaviour is now possible. $v variable in fvwm commands.

Chris Rankin

Rework of signal handlers (fvwm, FvwmButtons, FvwmIconMan, FvwmPager and FvwmEvent).

Steven M. Robbins

Autoconf & automake support, configuration & portability improvements, and general code gadfly a la Paul Smith.

Chris Ross

Addition of ReliefThickness feature to FvwmIconMan. Solaris Xinerama support.

Paul D. Smith

Purify support (heap rot, array overwrites, memory stompage of all sorts). Some autoconf/automake/portability help. Initial cut at a generic debugging API. Rework module interface API on fvwm's side. General code gadfly: tiptoe in; change some code; run away, run away!

Benoit Triquet

Original idea and some code for IgnoreModifiers command.

Fabien Villard

OpenVMS port.

Dominik Vogt

Improved ShuffleButtons algorithm (FvwmButtons), button geometries (FvwmButtons), Menu Position Hints, XResources.c, various move/resize and menu enhancements, MoveToPage, MoveToDesk, various parsing functions, COPYING file, a myriad of bugfixes, Rewrite of MenuStyle syntax, Silent command, GSFR preparations, various enhancements and bugfixes for FvwmButtons, FvwmPager and FvwmTaskBar, split function and menu code, FAQ rewrite, rewrite of toggling function syntax (with hints from Matthias Claasen), IgnoreModifiers command, enhancements of GotoPage and MoveToPage syntax, Repeat command, menu code clean up, panel enhancements (FvwmButtons), transient FvwmPager, GSFR for the main module, dynamic menus, recursive menus, rewrite of menu drawing, speed up startup with lots of menus, new menu styles BorderWidth, ItemFormat, VerticalItemSpacing, VerticalTitleSpacing, Hilight3DThickness and SubmenusLeft, major clean up of the menu code, improved transient FvwmPager, improved transient window handling, MaxWindowSize style, Improved(?) mouse paging, RaiseTransient and LowerTransient styles, nicer cursors, helped with colorset implementation, variables for FvwmButtons actions, fvwm-cats page, ported &%!#?-95 like config file from fvwm95, cleanup of gradient drawing code, rewrite of opaque resize patch for 2.3.8, HideSizeWindow command, enhanced CursorStyle command, TitleAtBottom style, patches to obsolete Recapture command (styles apply immediately), new old styles BackingStore/BackingStoreOff and SaveUnder/SaveUnderOff, more WindowList enhancements, look of sticky icons, WindowList menu style, PointerKey command, several FvwmTheme options, FvwmTheme parsing, styles Font and IconFont, introduced the decor_w, smooth window shading, smooth (well, sort of) opaque resizing, many many more bugfixes. Lost motivation to continue this list.

A.J. Weber

SnapAttraction patch.

Bob Woodside

StartsOnPage style, Stacking Order chain, new variable module packets, GSFR for the modules.

Charles Hines

Contributed some patches in the early days of fvwm. Later took over maintenance of fvwm-2.0.x after Rob Nation, the original author of fvwm, decided to "retire". Made a fair amount of changes and fixes, and incorporated changes and fixes from numerous people all over the net. Did this from about August of 1995 until May of 1998 when he came to the realization that he didn't have enough time to properly devote to it and decided to "retire" himself, handing Brady Montz the torch. Shortly thereafter is when fvwm became "ruled by committee" and this previous fvwm dictator is now happy to see fvwm surviving and thriving with this new development methodology (and may even contribute again himself, someday).

Dan Astoorian

Wrote extras/fvwmperl, before X11::Fvwm (available via CPAN) made it obsolete.

Greg J. Badros

Substantial rewrite of fvwm-2.0.x menuing code to support arbitrary depth menus, animated menus, Win95 look, better logically-based shortcut keys, auto-splitting of long menus, check for re-used hot-keys, integrated LEFT_MENUS option. Added primitives: animated-moves, SetEnv, fix to Echo. Improve modules: Make FvwmM4 pass args on to m4, font-related seg-fault bug fix in FvwmButtons.

Further Authors

Along with a cast of thousands (well, dozens) mentioned in old ChangeLog entries. If you find your name below, please send an entry in the style of the above entries, to the mailing list fvwm-workers@fvwm.org.

Andrew (a.b.) Atrens

John Aughey

Graham Barr

David Barth

Mike Blatchley

Mark Boyns

Eli Burke

Martin Cartwright

Beat Christen

Frederic Cordier

Andrew Davison

Frederic Devernay

Austin Donnelly

Matthias Ettrich

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation

Frank Fejes

Thomas Zuwei Feng

Mike Finger

Pete Forman

Patrice Fortier

Todd Fries

Larry Gensch

Romano Giannetti

Peter Gray

Kaj Groner

Eddy J. Gurney

Markus Gutschke

Georg Hager

John Heidemann

Paul Hudson

Sverre H. Huseby

Toshi Isogai

Jesper James

Thimo Jansen

Michael A. Kazda

Jonathan Kelley

Andreas Klemm

Alfredo Kengi Kojima

Chris Laas

Tom LaStrange

Ric Lister

David MacKenzie

Don Mahurin

Pekka Marjola

Anthony Martin

Christophe Martin

Makoto Matushita

Grant McDorman

Henry R. McTague

Roman Mitnitski

Brady Montz

Ludvig A. Norin

Bill Oswald

Carsten Paeth

Hector Peraza

Per Persson

Trent Piepho

Pekka Pietik{inen

Mark Powell

Randy Ray

William E. Roadcap

Frank Scheelen

Eric Schott

Mark Scott

Cameron Simpson

Kit Smithers

Nobutaka Suzuki

Szijarto Szabolcs

Andrew Taylor

Jason L. Tibbitts

Jarl Totland

Ilkka E T Tuohela

Andrew Veliath

Barry A. Warsaw

Dan Weeks

Brian Wellington

Rob Whapham

Alan Wild

Randall Winchester

Bo Yang

Last modified on January 09, 2018