FVWM - Mailing Lists


The mailing list addresses are:

Please help us managing incoming mail by following a few rules when you write to any of the fvwm related mailing list:

  • When quoting previous mails in a discussion, please put your replies below the quoted portions of the text.
  • Quote all relevant parts of the original mail in a reply.
  • Type about 66 to 72 characters per line.
  • Insert line breaks manually, even if your email program does it for you.
  • Always specify the fvwm version you use when asking questions or reporting problems.

They are maintained by Jason Tibbitts, and are Majordomo based mailing lists. To subscribe to a list, send "subscribe" in the body of a message to the appropriate *-request address.

To unsubscribe from the list, send "unsubscribe" in the body of a message to the appropriate *-request address.

*-request addresses are:

Subscription requests sent to the list will be ignored!
Please follow the above instructions for subscribing properly.

To report problems with any of the mailing lists, send mail to fvwm-owner@fvwm.org.

Also the mailing lists are archived: fvwm, fvwm-workers.

Search the fvwm mail archive:

Search the fvwm workers mail archive:

IRC Channels

Several IRC channels are also available to discuss fvwm related topics or to get help. They are not official in a sense that the fvwm developers maintain them, but there is a chance to meet some of the developers there:

  • #fvwm on freenode
  • +fvwm.de on IRCnet (German channel)

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