FVWM - Download

Current packages:

Obsolete packages:

  • Older 2.x.x versions: here (Note! Versions prior to 2.4.0 are no longer supported.)
  • Last 1.xx Version: 1.24r (Note! This version is no longer supported.)
  • Very old 1.x releases: here
Just click on the links above to download them.

If you find any bugs, you can enter them into the FVWM Bug Tracking System. If possible, please try searching to see if someone else has already reported this bug. If you have more or better information, feel free to add a note!

If you just have a question, be sure to read our Documentation first, then you might want to try our Mailing List.

When asking for help, of course always remember to provide the release number of fvwm, your operating system, and any other information you think might be pertinent.

What package should you use?

Note that since the days of 2.1.x the second digit of the version number marks a release as a stable release (even number like 2.2.x) or as a development (i.e. alpha or beta) release (odd number like 2.3.4).

Stable release:

Use it if you have no specific reason to use one of the other packages. Questions about the stable releases should be asked on our Mailing List.

If you use anything else but the latest stable release we will make no promises that anything works.

Unstable release:

Use them if you can tolerate some bugs and really need one of the new features.

Older 2.x.x and 1.x versions:

Don't use them. If you encounter a problem we will most likely ask you to upgrade. There is a constant stream of bug fixes and we cannot spend our time fixing the same bugs again and again.

Problems in one of the below packages should be discussed on the fvwm-workers Mailing List.

Daily snapshots:

If you want the development stuff but don't want to set up the build environment. Note that the snapshots may not even compile. Use them at your own risk.

CVS access:

When you must have the latest stuff, up to the minute, or want to contribute heavily. Please read the CVS instructions.

FTP source tree:

If you want to use CVS but can't. This directory is updated every three hours. It is simpler to use CVS than to fetch these files, but if you are behind a restrictive firewall or don't need CVS features like easy patch generation or commits then you can use an FTP mirroring tool to grab this directory. Since this is an exact copy of what you'd get if you did a CVS checkout, you should read up on CVS.

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