FVWM - Features

 Major FVWM Features plain theme

Partial list of features new to 2.5.x

  • Full Enhanced Window Manager Hints support
  • Full internationalization
  • Greatly improved font support, including anti-aliasing
  • Improved decoration code (no flickering anymore)
  • Featuring side titles, including vertical text
  • Powerful WindowShade in all directions, including diagonal
  • Supporting PNG including alpha blending
  • Image rendering in colorsets
  • Perl library for creating modules in Perl
  • New module FvwmPerl to enable scripting in rc files
  • Optional text shadows (looks nice with light text)

Partial list of features new to 2.4.x

  • New dynamical colorset method for defining colors
  • New module FvwmGtk to build GTK+ dialogs and menus
  • Rewritten and extended functionality of FvwmButtons
  • Several new and several removed modules
  • Mouse strokes, draw lines to execute commands
  • Ability to dynamically create menus
  • Several fvwm-menu-* utiliies for creating dynamical menus
  • Expanding useful window and desktop specific variables
  • Featuring busy cursor in several places
  • Full support for ICCCM2
  • GNOME Window Manager hints support
  • Session management support
  • Initial internationalization support
  • Xinerama extention support
  • Searching files in its own user directory ~/.fvwm/

Partial list of features new to 2.2.x

  • New more powerful and sensible rc file format
  • Change more features on per-window basis
  • Change many features on the fly
  • Optional Flat or Pixmap window borders
  • Recogizes Open Look hints
  • Just about any focus style you can think of
  • Unwanted features can be removed at compile time
  • CPP preprocesing of the config file
  • Titlebars can be suppressed, Pixmaps, gradients, or plain
  • Titlebar buttons can be vector graphics, pixmaps or gradients
  • Menu hot-keys, continuation menus, pixmaps in and to the side of menus
  • Macro definition in the config file
  • Animated window movement
  • A way to limit the amount of color used by fvwm (for 8 bit displays)
  • Window manager commands can come from external programs
  • Roll-up type window shading
  • Some ability to centrally configure fvwm

Partial list of features common to 1.xx and 2.x.x

  • Multiple Disjoint Large Virtual Desktops
  • Smaller memory usage (more so in 1.xx)
  • Dynamically extensable via modules
  • Recognizes Motif MWM hints
  • Keyboard or Mouse operation
  • Attempts to be ICCCM 2 compliant
  • 3-D look to window frames
  • Full color shaped icons
  • M4 preprocesing of the config file
  • Auto-raising of windows
  • Multi-screen support
  • Cursor (Mouse Pointer) control on a context basis
  • Viewport scrolling by moving the mouse off the edge of the screen
  • Different window decorations for window that have or don't have focus
  • Multiple ways to control icon placement
  • Multiple ways to control initial window placement

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Last modified on January 09, 2018