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Other FVWM-related sites

Here are some other sites (besides the official one) that have FVWM info:

Window Decors and Other Configuration Tips


You say you're into desktop themes? Then one of these sites should be your next stop:

  • The Official FVWM Themes Home Page - highly recommended for novice users. FVWM Themes provides a powerful gui-driven theme engine and a wide variety of preconfigured themes so you can get started without having to learn anything about FVWM configuration commands. If the supplied themes don't suit you, you can create your own, or mix and match components from the existing ones.
    The site also has links to other theme related sites.
  • The Window Manager Icons Project - an efficient icon distribution to use with fvwm and fvwm-themes.
  • FVWM Decorations - Some screenshots and config files


And here are some sites featuring programs that are designed to work with or enhance FVWM:

Other Window Managers

Here are some window managers that were originally created from fvwm source, but please don't ask questions about them on the FVWM lists! Rather, contact the parties responsible for them directly:

  • SCWM - The Scheme Configurable Window Manager
  • AfterStep - A window manager that emulates the famous NEXTSTEP® look and feel, AfterStep took up where Bo Yang's Bowman (no longer available) left off.
  • FVWM-95 - An old hack of fvwm-2.0.42 that looks more like (shudder) Win95.
  • Lesstif's MWM - Intended to simulate a Motif-like window manager. Abandoned in 1997.
  • XFwm - A part of the XFce desktop enviroment.

Matt Chapman's excellent survey of window managers present and past (from the famous to the downright obscure) should be required reading for anyone choosing a window manager (or trying to write one).

General Resources

Don't forget about Newsgroups:

Finally, if you want to know why FVWM does some of the things it does (or if you just want to see if we're really behaving properly!), you can peruse the online version of the ICCCM:


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